Reviews from Local Families

"My husband and I were so thankful to have Lauren by our side for the birth of our son, Len in April of 2015! She brought us professional guidance and a tender heart, a combination that provided confidence and positivity before, during, and after our natural delivery (yay!). She completed Len's birth story in such a wholesome, supportive, unconditional way; we just can't imagine it without her. She is highly-skilled and caring doula who would be an asset to each and every unique birth scenario. Thank you, Lauren!"


Baby Len born 2015

 "I can't thank you enough for your kind guidance and support during my birth process. I really appreciated your gentle and nurturing nature and so grateful that you were apart of bringing Tyler into our lives. Your presence was so calming and we couldn't have managed so flawlessly without you and your encouragement (and massages)! You are such an amazingly caring individual and this shines in your doula skills. I am so proud of what I did that wonderful day and have you to thank for it. Every woman needs and deserves a birth doula by their side!"


Baby Tyler born 2015

"You are truly an Earth angel. We will forever hold a special place for you in our hearts. Thank you for being such a positive light during the birth of baby Jett. Your graceful presence was felt with love and positivity was felt even as you were juggling two laboring mamas. From the massages to oils to encouragements we loved it all and were/are thrilled to have had such a remarkable and memorable birth! Thank you for being beautiful and incredible you!

Baby Jett born 2018

"Thank you for all you did to help bring Nora into our lives. Your help was so valuable! We are so glad that you will be able to see her grow up!"


Baby Nora born 2014

"I want to thank you for all your hard work. You are an amazing woman with a special gift helping bring new souls on Earth. We love your presence and deeply thank you for your huge support and kindness."

Baby Atlantis born 2018

"We are very grateful for the important role you played in the birth of our little Sofia. Having your calming presence, words of encouragement, and kind inspiration were so very important to me during labor. I could not have done it without you. I am happy you stood beside me as my friend and doula. You truly helped us more than you know. We will be happy to recommend your doula services to friends in Steamboat!"

Baby Sofia born 2018


"She has been an amazing partner throughout this journey and we have only just begun. She has helped my partner and I make tough decisions together and feel more prepared for the labor and delivery. She is also professional, organized, and very kind to work with. I highly recommend her!!!"

Baby due 2020

"Thank you Lauren! Unlike my first delivery, I now have a birth story I'm proud of & amazed by. The time Lauren took with my husband & I leading up to my due date completely shifted our approach to birth, my body & our experience. I felt empowered & confident going into birth day, having been able to process my last delivery & practice techniques/tools that could keep me on track for an unmediated birth. Lauren was a wonderful balance of personal & professional - giving me resources & information to read & gain knowledge from, but also taking time to understand me & how to create the perfect space for me to labor effectively in. She took on the role of managing medical staff & dynamics in the room so that my husband & I could just be present with each other -- what a gift! Thank you Lauren, we are forever grateful!"

Baby Marigold 2018

"No words could truly express the gratitude we have for our experience with Lauren at Mountain Born Birth Doula. I had literally the perfect birth I dreamed of thanks to her wisdom, support, and presence. Her calm, loving demeanor gave me the environment needed for a stress free birth. Her knowledge of spinning babies saved me from a c section and she worked so well with our midwife. I felt fully supported in all my holistic pregnancy and birth decisions and I have a perfect, healthy, “rainbow” baby thanks to Lauren. We had a lot of anxiety around this pregnancy because of two miscarriages before and she kept me confident and calm. She even played with our 6 year old when I needed my husbands presence to speed up labor. I highly recommend Mountain Born Birth Doula! Her commitment to the most up to date techniques and research, along with her intuitive touch and support, makes her the perfect partner in birth! Hire her today for an amazing birthing experience!"

Baby Garrett 2019

"Words cannot describe how grateful we are for you! You have a gift and have forever positively effected my family, We are so happy with our experience. You are a huge part of Neve's story and will always be in her life."

Baby Neve 2019