Pregnancy and birth are a natural and healthy part of life that can and should be enjoyable for the entire family. It is essential that women know that they are strong and well-equipped for the challenges of pregnancy and labor, and that they are perfectly capable of carrying out this very natural event. Our bodies were beautifully designed to go into labor when we are emotionally , physically, and spiritually ready. In most cases labor starts slowly so that we can gather our support system, create a safe environment, and fully prepare for birth. A doula can assist the mother in guiding her to achieve the experience that she desires by continually giving her one-on-one support, helping her feel comfortable and safe, and help her birth partner to assist her in the best way possible. A doula is your guide for this incredible adventure before, during, and after birth!

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Lauren, can you tell me more about the important work of a doula?

  • A doula is a woman trained in childbirth and postpartum who empowers and reassures laboring women and their families through continuous one-on-one  supportive care. In addition, a doula provides expecting parents with information and options needed to make educated decisions regarding their birth experience that are right for them and their family. We work with you and your care provider in harmony to make sure that you feel nurtured and cared for during this journey.
  • We offer a loving touch, techniques for relaxation, positioning and comfort measures, guide for inner strength to allow you to feel that you can enjoy this natural and healthy process.
  • The continuity of support is proven to shorten labor, reduce the need for interventions (pain medication, labor augmentation, induction, cesarean).
  • ​The outcome is satisfaction with the experience, a healthier baby,  an empowered mother, and a strong bond within the family.
To learn more about the important work of Certified doulas, visit DONA International. www.dona.org
I might be a good fit to support you as a doula if:
  • You are interested in a natural birth

  • You would like to have a person educated in birth support you at all stages of your journey other than clinical staff

  • You want to make sure your birth partner is also supported 

  • You want to create a peaceful and intentional birth space

  • You would like to avoid unnecessary medical interventions during pregnancy and birth

  • You would like to use alternative comfort measures, such as movement, hydrotherapy, and meditation to cope with pain naturally

What do you typically use during a birth?
  • Massage oils and tools

  •  Essential oils

  •  Stages of Labor essential oil sprays

  •  Rebozo

  •  Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker 

  • LED candles

  •  Heat pad

  • Cold packs

  • Inflatable pillow for tub

  • Massage

  • Counter-pressure

  • Positions (for optimal fetal positioning and pain management)

  • Breathing techniques

  • Music

  • Hydrotherapy in the tub

  • Birth and peanut balls

  • Squat bar

  • Guided meditation

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